household items on top of wooden desk15 Personal Items Not Covered By Default In Homeowners Insurance

All home insurance policies have a line called Coverage C: Personal Property. This coverage protects the loose belongings in your home. However, there are special sub-limits within most homeowners policies for the following 15 categories of personal items:

  Category Coverage Limit
1 Watches/Jewelry $1,500
2 Computers $1,500
3 Photo/Video Equipment $1,500
4 Bikes $1,500
5 Musical Instruments $2,500
6 Golf Equipment $2,500
7 Fine Arts $2,500
8 Firearms $2,500
9 Coins $200
10 Silverware $2,500
11 Furs $1,500
12 Stamps/Postage $1,500
13 Watercraft $1,500
14 Securities/Bank Notes $1,500
15 Business Property $2,500

If you have high-value items in any above categories, you can schedule individual items if they are worth over $5,000, such as an engagement ring, or buy blanket coverage to increase the sub-limit of your computers. Note that if you schedule a high-value item on a floater, you will likely need to provide a receipt if it was purchased in the last 12 months or provide an appraisal from a licensed appraiser if it was purchased more than 12 months ago.

Now you know how to ensure your belongings are fully protected!

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