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How Long Do Home Insurance Claims Stay on Your Record?

Most insurance companies look back five years when evaluating claims history. The range of claims lookback is between three years and seven years for insurance companies offering home and auto insurance.

Which Homeowner Insurance Claims Penalize You The Most?

While carriers always look at your claims history, not all claims are rated equally. High penalty claims include:

Weather claims do not penalize you as much because they are out of your control (aka "Acts of God"). These lower penalty claims include:

In general, try to avoid filing a claim unless it is at least 2x-3x your deductible.

How many claims are too many?

One claim in the last five years is OK, especially if it is a low penalty claim. As 1 in 20 homeowners file a home insurance claim each year, there is a reasonable chance of having one claim on your five-year claim history. Two claims in 5 years are where carriers start charging significantly more. More than two insurance claims in the last five years make finding home insurance far more difficult.

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