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GEICO's Cancellation Policy - Home Insurance

GEICO works with many different home insurance companies. Look on your home insurance declaration page to find which partner below to call. GEICO phone numbers are available to call 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET, Mon-Fri. Most carriers require a phone call to cancel your home insurance.

GEICO Partner GEICO Phone Number Carrier Website/Phone
Adirondack 855-836-9115 Adirondack Website
AIG 855-782-1185 AIG Website
AllRisks 855-820-5807  
American Modern   800-543-2644
Arrowhead 855-721-9248  
ASI 855-721-9249 ASI Website
Assurant 800-268-6146 Assurant Website
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance   866-388-4034 (8-5, M-F)
Cabrillo 855-721-9250 Cabrillo Website
Chubb 855-782-1185 Chubb Website
Citizens 866-388-4034 Citizens Website
Cypress 866-388-4034 Cypress Website
FedNat 800-403-2136 FedNat Website
First Hawaii 888-293-4716  
Foremost 800-958-6121 Foremost Website
The Hartford 800-453-6441 Hartford Website
Hawaii Insurance and Guaranty Company 888-293-4716 #5  
Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance Co. 866-388-4034 Heritage Website
Homeowners of America 866-407-9896  
Homesite 866-372-8903 Homesite Website
Interboro 855-836-9115 Interboro Website
Island Insurance 888-293-4716 Island Insurance
Liberty Mutual 866-500-8377 Liberty Mutual Website
Mountain Valley 855-836-9115 Mountain Valley Website
Narragansett Bay 855-721-9250 Narragansett Website
National General 855-836-9115 National General Website
New Jersey Skylands 855-836-9115 NJ Skylands Website
PURE (Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange)   888-813-7873 (24/7)
PURE Website
QBE 866-318-2016  
RLI 855-820-5807  
RLI (Hawaii) 888-293-4716 #5  
Sagesure 855-721-9251 Sagesure Website
Security First 866-388-4034 Security First Website
Stillwater 800-691-3817 Stillwater Website
Stillwater (Hawaii) 888-293-4716 Stillwater Website
Tapco 855-820-5815  
Tower/National General 855-836-9115 Tower Website
Travelers 800-841-3005 Travelers Website
Universal Ins Co of North America 866-388-4034  
UPC Insurance 866-388-4034 UPC Website
UPC Insurance (Hawaii) 888-293-4716 UPC Website
Wellington 866-780-1932 Wellington Website

You Will Need To Cancel By Phone

Get ready for a sales pitch on why you should stick with GEICO: 

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If you are still confident you want to cancel, provide the following to your GEICO customer service representative:

  • Policy Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date The Policy Should Cancel -- can choose today

Does GEICO Charge Cancellation Fees?

Nope! You can cancel halfway through your policy term and get a pro-rated refund for the months of premium you paid for coverage you did not use. You will not get a refund for any inspection fees, taxes, or MGA fees that you paid when you set up the policy initially. Only the premium portion of your bill is refunded.

Don't Forget To Notify Your Title Company or Escrow Manager or Mortgage Servicer

Your lender will need a copy of your new home insurance declarations page. Contact the company that manages your mortgage and provide them the latest proof of coverage. Be sure to double-check the mortgagee clause is correct on your new insurance documents:

- Your Loan #
- FULL LEGAL NAME and address of your Mortgage Lender

Your Lender Company, Inc. ATIMA, ISAOA
15 Mortgage Street
City, ST 35521

Check competitive rates in your area before you cancel your home insurance:

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