How to Match Vinyl Siding

Matching Vinyl Siding

Have you ever tried to match your existing siding and got it wrong?  Mismatched siding can make your home look very strange and could affect the value.

There is so much more to matching the vinyl siding on your home than getting the color correct. It's the thickness of the panels, how the panels overlap, the texture — do we need to go on?

So, before you make a start, there are a few things to take into consideration.

How to Match Vinyl Siding
When looking to find a match with your current vinyl siding, you may find it frustrating. That is because there's more than one type of vinyl siding, and it comes in many colors. The following tips will help you with matching issues.

First, try to find out what brand of vinyl siding you have on your house before matching it for quality, color, or size.

  • Call the Carpenter. If you know who originally installed the vinyl siding, contact them, and ask for the details.
  • Ask the Previous Owner. If you inherited the vinyl when you bought your home, speak to the previous owner if you can.
  • Take a Sample. If that fails, go to the least visible corner of your home, and take a small sample. Take that to your local home improvement store.
  • Hire a Siding Specialist. A siding specialist will most likely know what siding you need and could save you a lot of time.

Color-Matched Vinyl Siding Caulk
Caulk is flexible acrylic and a home improvers secret weapon. Use it inside and outside to fill gaps and cracks to stop moisture or air from getting in. Then, use it at the final stage of a project to give a neat finish.

With siding, use the caulk on corners, crevices, and butt joints and around window and door trim boards.

For a professional-looking and inexpensive finish, choose a color-matched caulk. It's a cost-effective way for homeowners who want their house to look uniform from the outside.

Paint to Match Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding can last for 50 years or even more. But it does fade over time, which means an exact match may not be possible. You're better off giving the whole siding a fresh coat of paint.

Today's high-quality paint means you can achieve a professional-looking finish. The best paint to use is acrylic latex which is specifically for exteriors.

Stop! Before you paint, check whether your siding has a lifetime warranty. Altering the vinyl will void the warranty; paint could count as an alternation.

How to Match Faded Vinyl Siding
With some time and a bit of patience, you could get that old vinyl siding back to looking new. But if your siding has faded, finding a match will be almost impossible.

You can try and freshen up the faded colors with a vinyl siding restorer product. They restore and refresh siding that has faded. In addition, some restorers protect it from future oxidation and mildew growth.

How to Match Discontinued Vinyl Siding
The first step is to identify the original siding color and texture. Do some research to find out what's available on the market these days.

It's worth visiting a local siding specialist as they can help identify the siding. If you're lucky, they might still have some stock from discontinued lines.

If all else fails, you can always opt for a different type of siding altogether.

Where to Buy Discontinued Vinyl Siding?
If your siding is discontinued, finding a match will be tricky. Your best option is to contact an online site that specializes in finding discontinued vinyl siding.

How To Find Replacement Vinyl Siding
First, work out the type of replacement siding you need. If it's vinyl, then you will want to find something that has material of like kind.

Next, you need to find where to buy a replacement. There are a few options.

  • Contact the Manufacturer. If you know the make of your current vinyl siding, contact them about a replacement piece.
  • Local Home Improvement Store. Try large stores like Lowes or Home Depot.
  • Specialist Vinyl Siding Store. Contact a store online or find one near you.

Make sure the new siding is suitable by reading customer reviews and looking at the warranty.

Can You Replace One Piece of Vinyl Siding?
Yes, you can replace one piece of vinyl siding. The challenge is finding the right piece.

A good hack is to find a less prominent spot on your home, behind a chimney or a shed. Then, remove the correct size of siding and use it as the replacement. Of course, you still must replace the section you use, but color matching won't be as critical in the less visible spot.

Assuming you can find the right siding, replacing the damaged section can be an easy job with the right tools.

Where To Buy Single Pieces of Vinyl Siding?
If you need one piece of vinyl siding, there are different options available to you.

  • Local Contractors. Builders and local contractors to you may have some leftover pieces.
  • CraigsList. Search under "For sale," "Materials."
  • eBay. Check eBay or other sale sites. People who've recently renovated their homes often have leftover cuts of vinyl siding.
  • Siding Company. Contact them as they often have leftovers available.

Vinyl Siding Matching Service
Vinyl siding repair can be a problem for homeowners. Finding the matching color and texture is the main problem. A vinyl siding matching service could be the solution.

Services like allow you to either submit a physical sample or upload a photograph of the vinyl. Their experts will then locate the vinyl or notify you if discontinued.

Does Home Insurance Include Matched Siding with Siding Damage Claims?
Yes, most of the time, insurers will pay to match your current siding they replace after a covered peril damaged your vinyl siding. Many states have laws mandating them to do so, but they still may try to deny your claim. Refer to this article for more details: Matching Coverage Home Insurance.

Hope that helps!

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