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How to Pass your Home Insurance Inspection - A+

When you buy homeowners insurance, there is usually a home inspection scheduled within 60 days of the policy start date. If you buy a policy a month in advance, don't expect an inspector to show up until after the plan starts.

What is the house inspector thinking?

The inspector will make sure the information on your application for home insurance matches the exact home features. They will also check the condition of the home is up to date, and no imminent updates are needed to prevent a likely claims scenario. The nine most likely reasons for rejection at inspection are:

  1. The roof shows lifted shingles or worn down shingles -- over ~15 years for asphalt.
  2. Cracks in the foundation or worn out siding
  3. Dangerous dogs not mentioned on the application
  4. Trampolines without a safety net, pools without a fence, pools with a diving board or slide
  5. Steps leading up to the home have no handrail.
  6. You are running a business out of your home.
  7. Being next door to a commercial residence
  8. The home looks to be uninhabited or vacant.
  9. Active construction on the property

Will there be an Interior Inspection?

For homes under $1,000,000, there will be no interior inspection.  The inspector will walk around the outside of the property, checking for any damage or wear and tear.

For high-value homes that have a market value of over $1 million, there will likely be an interior inspection to document the quality of interior finishings.

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This interior inspection determines the correct Coverage A amount on the policy, so there are no shortfalls in coverage.

How to pass the home inspection?

Most important is to make sure the roof is in excellent condition. An outdated roof or a roof in poor condition is the #1 reason for failing a home inspection. Additionally, make sure the property does not look vacant, no large construction projects are going on, and no unrepaired damages on the property.

What if I fail the house inspection?

For most issues that arise at an inspection, the insurance company will give you a 30-day window to repair damages or remove risks from the property. If you need a bit more time, call your insurance agent, and we can see if we can get you an extension.

Showing pride in homeownership is the simplest way to get an easy A.

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