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Will a Metal Roof Save Money?
While a metal roof's upfront cost is higher, it pays for itself in the long run.

  • Metal is energy efficient, and a metal roof can save close to 40% in heating costs.
  • A metal roof can provide insulation in the winter and cooling during a hot summer to help save money on your energy bill.

The material and finish of the roof make a difference in how efficient it is.

Are Metal Roofs Loud?
Metal roofs are not any louder than asphalt shingles. Metal roofs installed directly over the roof's surface are especially quiet. The sheathing that goes between the roof and the surface helps to reduce noise.

Can You Walk on a Metal Roof?
Yes, it is possible to walk on a metal roof if it was correctly installed. It is safer to walk on than a ceramic or asphalt shingle roof. However, as with any roof, be careful. Always consider wearing a safety harness.

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How Often to Replace Screws on a Metal Roof?
The following maintenance tips help to maintain the lifespan of roofs:

  • A metal roof's screws cannot come loose, and it must retain the seal to last.
  • Standing seam metal roofs are ones that come with exposed fasteners.
  • The metal panels need to be adequately screwed together.
  • The fastening system needs to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the metal.
  • Just like with your roof, you want to check twice a year for any sealant failures, air leaks, or movements in the screws.
  • If you see threads sticking above the gasket level or roof panel, you will need to refasten it. Galvanized steel or aluminum is the best choice for replacement. No matter what type of screws you use, you will need plastic or rubber washers.
  • An exposed fastener is one of the biggest problems with metal roofs.
  • Sealants can fail around the screws, but the sealants should last 20 years.

What is an R-Panel Roof?

What is an R-Panel Roof?
R-Panel is popular for commercial and residential roofs. It is the most appealing metal panel at the cheapest cost. R-Panels come in 36” metal panels with raised ribs and a flat space between the ribs. They have thickness gauges ranging from 22 to 29-gauge metal, although 26 gauge is the most common panel thickness. Homeowners also use it for siding.

They can fit over shingles that already exist on the roof. They are easy to install, reduce costs in time and labor, and reduce disposal costs. They may rust. Painting can help to minimize the potential for rust.

Are Corrugated Metal Panel Roofs Expensive?
No. Corrugated metal panels use a repeating wave pattern and are a classic roof style. These panels are one of the cheaper options of all the metal options.

Are Architectural Standing Seam Roofs Water Resistant?
Yes. Architectural Standing Seam refers to how the panels lock together to create industrial strength and protection from water and wind. The installer uses sealant to make the seam resistant to water.

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