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Olympus Home Insurance Review

In 2007 Olympus Insurance entered the Florida homeowners insurance market. At the time, Florida had just recovered from wicked back-to-back hurricane seasons. Many large insurance carriers exited the state with their tails between their legs, and Olympus was born. The company started by offering customizable homeowners policies with very competitive rates on Florida homes built within the last 20 years.

Seven years after their initial debut, Olympus joined the Citizens Insurance “takeout” program. The program relieves the state-run carrier of many high-risk property policies. By joining, Olympus gained a large number of policyholders and immediate name recognition across the sunshine state.

The Protection

Olympus Insurance offers a customizable homeowners insurance package with both property and liability coverage for a variety of home values up to $5 Million in Total Insurable Value (TIV).  Olympus also has a list of endorsements you can add-on to your policy:

Spartan Enhanced Coverage
Olympus promotes the purchase of this enhanced coverage option for a good reason. The Spartan Enhanced Coverage means you’ll have more coverage in the following areas:

  • Jewelry/Watches ($5,000)
  • Firearms ($5,000)
  • Trailers ($5,000)
  • Refrigerated Food Loss due to Power Interruption
  • Lock Replacement
  • Water Backup
  • Fire Department Service Charges ($1,000)
  • Identity Fraud/Credit Card Theft 
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury

If you are looking to bump up your coverage in a very affordable way, look no further than the Spartan Enhanced Package

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The Carrier

Olympus Insurance runs its operations from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They know the Florida homeowners needs and wants. They are A-rated by Demotech and, since 2016, have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain an A+ rating today.

The Claims

Olympus customers can file an electronic claim form via their policyholder portal or by phoning the Olympus Claims Center: 866-281-2242

Where is Olympus Insurance Available? (hint: sunshine) 

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The Conclusion

Olympus is a carrier that’s strictly focused on creating customizable homeowners, condo, and landlord/rental policies. They’ve maintained their niche by offering unique add-ons and expansive limits. Their rates are very competitive for homes built after 2010. Although Olympus is a relatively new insurer in the Florida market, they offer a competitive product with excellent coverage. 

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