Termite Damage to HomesWhat Causes Termites to Invade Your House?

Standing water, a piece of wood lying close to your entry points, and cracks in your home's exterior attract termites. If termites have a moisture source and a food source, they will stay for many years unless you work to eliminate them. Termites do not leave on their own when they have a comfortable home.

Do Termites Live in Water?
Depending on the species, some termites can remain submerged in water for long periods, some over 24 hours, but they prefer more comfortable conditions they can create by building colonies. Termites are in every state except Alaska, where the cold water kills the colonies. Most termites live underground, although some, like the Formosan termite, can build homes above ground.

Do Termites Need Moisture to Survive?
All termites need water to survive, and they will die after two days if they cannot find a source of water. Most termites need to be in direct contact with moisture from the earth, but Dampwood termites can use the moisture from damp wood instead.

How to Know if Termites Are Gone?
To ensure that your home is termite-free, schedule regular termite inspections with a professional. Termites tend to return to the same homes. Watch out for areas like your crawl space and remove any soil-to-wood contact around your house, including your yard.

Does Insurance Cover Termite Damage?
No. Standard home insurance does not typically cover termite damage. Homeowners insurance covers unexpected or sudden risks and damages, and termite damage is considered preventable. Because termites are probably not considered a covered peril by your insurance company, you may have to deal with the costs to repair your home independently.

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Make sure to read your contract carefully and speak to your insurance agent to understand what is covered and what is not in your policy.

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