wooden gazebo with curtains and lighting
Coverage B: Other Structures in Home Insurance

The second line item on your home insurance declaration page is usually Coverage B: Other Structures. Coverage B is the dollar limit for any structure on your property, but not physically touching or attached to the main house.

Examples of other structures under Coverage B:

  1. Detached Garage/Carport
  2. Fence
  3. Gazebo
  4. Tool Shed
  5. Treehouse
  6. Barn
  7. Greenhouse
  8. Driveway (if not connected to the house)
  9. Pool (if not connected to the house via cement or other structure)
  10. Guest House
  11. Mailboxes
  12. Boat Dock
  13. Fountain
  14. Basketball Court (if not attached to the house)
  15. Landscaping Structures

Note: Trees are NOT in Coverage B

If you don't have any of these on your property, then you probably won't need too much Coverage B on your homeowners insurance. The default Coverage B limit is 10% of your Coverage A limit. If you have any large structures or have multiple detached structures, it is best to let your insurance agent know you need higher Coverage B limits on your policy. That way, you won't be underinsured when disaster strikes.

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