do not enter sign on wallWhat Is NOT Covered By Your Home Insurance

Home insurance does not include coverage for these 15 types of damage. While each home insurance policy is different, the following 15 are usually never covered by your standard policy:

  1. Normal Wear and Tear
  2. Cracking and Settling
  3. Intentional Damage
  4. Mysterious Disappearance -- different than theft
  5. Pollutants
  6. War
  7. Damage by Government
  8. Vandalism on Vacant Property
  9. Snow on Outdoor Property
  10. Birds, Vermin, Insects
  11. Power Interruptions
  12. Freezing if your home is Vacant
  13. Nuclear Hazard
  14. Flood
  15. Earthquake

You can purchase flood and earthquake coverage with a different policy. The most common type of damage that confuses homeowners is wear and tear. Any damage that happens slowly, over a long period of time, is never covered. Home insurance cannot replace your old appliances or old roof because they stop working. It is a layer of protection for sudden, unexpected disasters.

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Home insurance covers damage that is sudden and has an identifiable cause of loss. Your home insurance adjuster will be looking for the cause of loss when evaluating your insurance claim. If the cause of damage is not on the list above, you may not be out of the woods -- here are more reasons to not file a home insurance claim.

When you are unsure whether or not you need to file a claim, get advice from a licensed insurance professional.

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