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Why Is Home Insurance So Expensive?

Homeowners continue to see home insurance take a larger bite out of their paycheck. The main driver of higher costs isn't coming from the insurance companies making a profit, but rather the rising frequency of $1B+ events hitting the US.

yearly frequency of $1b+ natural disasters in US
Source: NOAA Billion Dollar Events

The rising frequency of natural disasters affects every homeowner differently. If you live near the coast or a potential wildfire location, you could see your rates more than double as carriers run out of risk capacity to insure homes with specific risk exposures.

Largest 10 Recent Natural Disasters - 2016-2020

Year Event Damage Area
2019 Missouri River Flooding $10.9B Midwest
2018 Western Wildfires $24.7B California
2018 Hurricane Michael $25.5B Florida
2018 Hurricane Florence $24.5B Carolinas
2017 Western Wildfires $18.9B California
2017 Hurricane Maria $94.5B Puerto Rico
2017 Hurricane Irma $52.5B Florida
2017 Hurricane Harvey $131.3B Texas
2016 Hurricane Matthew $10.9B N. Carolina
2016 Flooding $10.9B


10 natural disasters caused $400B in damages in the last 4 years.

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Now you know why home insurance is getting more expensive. All the more reason to make sure you are getting the discounts you deserve on your home insurance policy.

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