Wind Mitigation Inspection CostHow Much Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost?

Home inspectors generally charge $75 - $150 for wind mitigation inspections, depending on where you live. Usually, wind mitigation report costs get recouped when your wind mitigation discounts get applied to your home insurance premiums. It usually takes 4-6 months for the discounts to kick-in.

What is a Wind Mitigation Credit?
Your wind mitigation inspection findings determine how many wind mitigation credits you receive for insurance purposes. Those credits become wind mitigation insurance discounts, from 20 - 70% off your homeowners insurance premiums. Not passing some or all parts of the inspection does not increase your insurance premiums, but passing can decrease your premiums.

In some high-wind, tornado, or hurricane-prone areas, insurers exclude wind damage from standard homeowners insurance policies. In some areas, they require a separate wind deductible. You can buy a wind insurance endorsement, so you are not left without wind coverage. The wind mitigation discount often provides you an averaged 45% discount off that wind insurance endorsement premium.

Which States Require Insurers to Offer Wind Mitigation Credits?
The following states have passed wind mitigation laws through their Offices of Insurance Regulation. These laws mandate insurers to provide wind mitigation credits, or discounts, to homeowners:

*South Carolina law mandates insurance companies offer insurance premium discounts for mitigation that strengthen coastal homes against a hurricanes' damage. Insurers providing insurance in the coastal areas must include discounts and credits for construction that reduces the possibility of wind damage.

Texas is prone to hurricanes, and lawmakers have been considering offering discounts for wind mitigation there as well.

Rating Factors Insurers Use to Determine Wind Mitigation Discounts
The rating formula is detailed and complex. These categories determine how many credits you get and your total wind insurance discount -- at a high level.

  1. High counts of wind mitigation features. The total number of wind-resistant construction features. High numbers of wind-resistant points garner higher discounts.
  2. Location. Coastal homes and those in high-wind prone, tornado, or hurricane areas get bigger discounts vs. homes in low-risk areas.

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Do I Need Wind Mitigation Inspections Yearly to Keep My Insurance Discounts?
No. Your wind mitigation report is good for five years. After five years, you will need to get a new inspection to continue qualifying for wind mitigation insurance discounts.

What is Wind Mitigation?
Wind mitigation construction uses building techniques designed to combat and reduce damage caused by intense wind. Severe winds are an enemy of a home. Hurricane-force winds could rip the roof right off a house. However, the risks are lower if its structure was built or reinforced using wind mitigation construction techniques.

How Much Does Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost;

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
A wind mitigation inspection examines your home's roof, windows, walls, and doors to determine how it would fare against damaging winds. Certified home inspectors examine your house and then provide an inspection report detailing your house's wind resistance.

The inspection typically takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Do not confuse wind mitigation inspections with a four-point inspection or a home inspection. Each one is for different purposes.

Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Mandatory?
No. Insurers do not require a wind mitigation inspection, nor do any state laws. However, some states have passed laws that require insurance companies to offer insurance premium discounts. To qualify for the discounts, you must complete a wind mitigation inspection.

However, lenders in states like Florida do not allow a home buyer to obtain a mortgage without wind insurance. Insurers in any state can deny you home insurance if they deem your home too risky to insure. They can also refuse to renew your policy. So, if your home can pass it, it might be worth getting a wind mitigation report.

Wind Mitigation Reports
A licensed home inspector will fill out a wind mitigation form. This insurance inspection report looks at key metrics that detail the strength of your home. Insurers may require inspectors to use their forms, and some allow the inspector's or the state's form.

Your inspection requirements are unique to your insurer and state; however, here are some things typically included in a wind mitigation inspection report:

  1. Opening protections (doors and windows)
  2. Building codes (wind compliance)
  3. Secondary water resistance (if the roof shingles get blown off)
  4. Roof deck attachments (strength)
  5. Roof coverings (shingles, tiles, etc.)
  6. Roof to wall attachments (strength)
  7. Roof shape (how wind flow helps/hurts your risks)

You can get a detailed understanding of what is inspected by viewing your state's or your insurer's form. E.g., Florida's wind mitigation form oir-b1-1802 is provided by the state and is typically accepted by most insurers there.

Once complete, provide it to your insurer. If you fail parts or your entire inspection, you may have a contractor do wind mitigation spot-upgrades. If that is your choice, submit the report only after your upgrades are done.

What Specific Wind Mitigation Discounts Apply to Your Home?
We can help you suss-out how much a wind inspection discount will save you. Get your no-obligation homeowners insurance quote below. Then, we will find out what wind discounts apply to your insurance premiums.

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