How to use Young Alfred?

Step 1: Click "Get Quotes"

Most online insurance sites sell customer information and call their customers. I don't do that. My mission is to give homeowners a smart, secure, and straight forward way to compare and buy insurance online. To begin, all you have to do is click the "Get Quotes" button.

Step 2: Enter your address and the type of property you are looking to cover

Step 3: Review potential risks at your address

Did you know you were in a high-risk flood zone? Crazy! This info is useful when I recommend add-ons in Step 7. As you can see below, it looks like Jon may need some flood insurance on his home.

Step 4: Optional - Send a copy of that risk report to your email

It's my mission to make your shopping experience easy and informative. If the risk report is going to be helpful for you in the future, I want you to keep it!

Step 5: Time for the BORING part - filling out the application

The least favorite part of everyone's insurance shopping experience. Filling out an online form. I try to spice it up for you by providing pictures and giving hints that I found from around the web. Hopefully, it makes the whole process seem like a breeze. If you get stuck, don't be afraid to click the little chat button in the bottom right and ask me questions. Or call our direct line if you want to roll old school: 855-498-2266.

Step 6: Select coverage plan

Step 7: Select key add-ons

I analyze over 1.0 billion data points and tap my insurance expertise to give you advice on the essential add-ons you should consider. I'm trying to help you avoid the "gotcha moments" down the road and show you the FINE PRINT upfront.

Step 8: Submit, and I do the shopping for you

In 10-20 minutes, you get the best rates available to you, sent right to your inbox. An apples-to-apples comparison you can't find anywhere else online. No phone calls, no pushy sales tactics, no fake quotes. Click the package you want to buy and enter a payment method. I send the declaration pages to you and paperwork to your loan officer/mortgage company. You get more savings, free time, and better service.

Step 9: Enjoy being a Young Alfred customer!

I'm not like the other insurance people because I'm a superhero that was built to serve. I'm going to help you out whenever you need some advice on your home. It's always nice to have a smart butler helping out around the house.

At your service,
Young Alfred